Thematic Areas


Labour rights have always been a priority for PILER. We work for working class people’s right to a decent livelihood through lobbying with government departments and ministries; capacity building of grass root organizations, trade and labour unions; awareness raising activities and research work. Special emphasis is laid upon female workers, bonded labour and workers of the informal sector. PILER believes that for rights to be achieved, the labourers of the world need to be united. This belief has resulted in an organized struggle for labour rights in South Asia and beyond.


PILER strongly advocates equal rights for all citizens of Pakistan without any discrimination. From the restoration of democracy and the judiciary, to target killings in Balochistan and Karachi, religious extremism, kidnapping and forced conversion of religious minorities, PILER has consistently objected to and campaigned against human rights violations.


The flood that hit Pakistan in 2010 created widespread havoc in the country. Loss of lives and properties was beyond imagination, as was the challenge of providing goods and medical facilities to the affected populations. PILER extended its help and sent medical teams to different parts of the province of Sindh. Also, a school was established for flood affectees residing in a camp in Karachi.


PILER works for peace in the country and on a regional level in the subcontinent. Seminars and exchanges of journalists and intellectuals are regular features of PILER’s initiatives for peace in South Asia. On the country level, PILER organizes and participates in activities for curbing all kinds of terrorism and intolerance.


Unequal distribution of land has led to many problems in Pakistan, including increased feudal power and deeper poverty. PILER supports equal land rights for all and for this purpose cooperates with grass root organizations and participates in their activities. Research is also being conducted on the issue in the context of 2010 and 2011 floods and rains.